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Our wheelchair converted cars

We regularly get new cars in stock, if you're looking for something specific or advice please contact Roy on 01227 462977.

2013 ‘Brotherwood’ Peugeot Partner Automatic/19,443 only/Winch/AC/Cruise control.


Lovely example of this rare automatic with low mileage!

2016 'Allied Horizon Premier'/Winch/AC/Cruise/5 seats,3+Chair/37,200 miles


Reserved ALEC New Romney!

2019.Allied Horizon SE/15,900 miles/5 seats or 3 +Chair/Petrol.


Reserved Pat and Tony,many thanks!

2016.'Automotive Citroen' /Automatic/ Ulez Free/ 5 seats or 3 + Chair/ Winch/Just 14,062 miles.


Use for family and as wheelchair accessible!

2013 ‘Gowrings Chairman’Vauxhall Elegance/28,800 miles/Winch/AC/Ulez free.


Smooth and quiet to drive,by oldest converter Gowrings.

2012 Gowrings Vauxhall Combo Essentia /AC/ 41,350 miles only/ Ulez free.


Compact wheelchair adapted car for chair or scooter!

2011.Constables'Open Road'Citroen Berlingo. Just 25,500 miles with full history/AC/Assisted ramp.


Excellent condition car with low mileage from new!

2013.'Gowrings' Doblo 1.4cc petrol.Ulez free.AC/Winch/Seats 3 + chair/17,761miles.


Low mileage, and great condition makes this worth a long look!

2016.'ALLIED' FORD FREEDOM/ ULEZ FREE/ 17,500 MILES/ Winch/ AC/ Seats 3 + Chair.


Nice example of this wheelchair converted Ford Car,Ulez free as well!

2016.Allied Horizon SE.Just 4,500 miles/AC /Winch / Cruise/ Ulez free Petrol 1.6cc.


Current model about £30,000,so looks great value!

2007 ‘Gowrings Kangoo Chairman/Ulez free/AC/Winch/38,500 m


Fine example of the much loved, wheelchair converted car!

2011.’Allied Autograph’Kangoo 1.6 cc petrol/ Auto/ AC/ 25,663 miles


Full service history on this popular,petrol automatic car!

Prices shown are for the use of disabled, otherwise plus 20% VAT.

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